Sexual Innuendo vs. Sexual Frames
May 15, 2012
Gaming at a fetish party Part II — End Game (Post 27)
May 18, 2012

Gaming at a fetish party Part I — End Game (Post 26)

Yet another day in paradise. I’m laying on my bed watching a movie on my wall. Did I mention that I had a projector in back of my bed and a surround system in my room? Watching anything in my room is like going to the theaters. On this particular day, I was watching the last few episodes of the fifth season of Smallville. I think the reason I like that show is because I can relate to its Superman theme.

Suddenly, Arcane knocks on my door.

“Wake up!” he said.

“I’m awake.”

“Ok good. Then let’s go to the gym.”

“Nah, you have fun though.”

“Ok, but are you coming to the fetish party tonight?”

“Damn skippy!”

“Cool, see you in a little while.”

Arcane was in the midst of writing a book about different fetishes, including spanking, hair pulling, tying girls up, slave-master role play and such. Because the fetish community is relatively small and esoteric, Arcane wanted to help guys and girls know what’s expected.

As I heard his footsteps moving further away from my door, I got up and walked to the bathroom to take a nice long hot shower. Afterward, I walked upstairs and grabbed some breakfast, then back to my room to figure out what I was going to wear.

Here’s the thing: At a fetish party, there is a very specific dress code, and since I hadn’t been to one in about eight years, I didn’t really have anything to wear. I was only going with Arcane because he was so into the scene. That’s what brought him to Project Miami as a matter of fact, he wanted some input from the community to finish his book. I figured I would just hang around the house and wait for him before we headed out.

Once Arcane got back, I asked him if he could help me put together an outfit for the night. He ended up giving me a pair of his suede leather pants, and I also borrowed a black vest from Mystery, which I wore with nothing underneath it. Then I spiked my hair up as high as it would go. I thought about putting some eyeliner on, but I didn’t want to overdo it.

The plan was to drive to Johnny Allred’s house — Johnny had his own house in addition to the room he rented at Project Miami — grab some sushi and go to the party. When we arrived at Johnny’s house, the front door was open, so we let ourselves in. We found him sitting, typing away on his computer while a few of his friends were lounging on the couch watching a movie. Johnny wasn’t ready, so Arcane and I ended up going to get sushi without him. When we got back to his house he was ready to go in his fetish gear, which included a pair of New Rocks. By the way, what’s up with New Rocks and the community? If you look at pictures of Mystery and most of those guys from the old Project Hollywood days, it was like New Rock central. That trend faded away as time went on, but there are still plenty of guys who still try to copy Mystery to get attention. But if you have an actual sense of style, it will serve you much better because it will suit you much better and you’ll be comfortable.

Just as we were walking out the door, Johnny got a phone call from a friend who was celebrating her birthday that day. She was at a strip club and her husband left her there because she got too drunk, and wanted to know if Johnny could come and get her. Yet another delay. Did I mention that I hate delays? Johnny decided to go pick her up. Personally, I wouldn’t have gone, but this girl isn’t getting in my car so I didn’t care. It just seems like there’s something wrong with this scenario, since this woman’s husband just ditched her and we’re about to take her to a fetish party. Once we picked her up, we finally headed toward the party.

When I saw the line outside, I realized this fetish party had a theme: vintage lingerie. Lucky me. I don’t really think that the girls know what vintage lingerie means. Most of the girls here were wearing Victoria’s Secret, and I don’t believe Victoria had a secret in the vintage days. Arcane knew the owner of this place, so we walked right in like rock stars.

Knowing the promoters or owners of the venue and bypassing the line automatically gives you status, especially to the people in line who see you walk right in. And once those girls in line make it in the club, it’s easier to game them because you’ve already built up some social proof and have a lot of perceived value, which helps greatly.

You know it’s funny, I thought after eight years things would be different, but the fetish scene is pretty much the same.

The vibe of sex was in the air as we walked in, with women and men getting whipped, gagged, pissed on and so forth. Many different fetishes were on display. There were sadists, masochists, people with foot fetishes and people like me who were just there for the sexual nature of the party.

I began my mission of getting in state and pre-selecting targets before starting to sarge. Hanging around Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop and running Mystery Method, I always believed in the idea of being in state to get good results. The music was different in each room I walked into, and I noticed that this club was in bad shape. The walls had holes in them and looked cheaply spray-painted. But it was big, with three rooms downstairs, four rooms upstairs and a backyard where people went to smoke.

After checking out the upstairs rooms, I went back downstairs and found Arcane talking to the owner. I walked up to them and he introduced me. We all chatted for awhile, then the owner excused himself and Arcane and I went off to sarge. I was going to train him for a while.

Arcane was impressed as I bounced from target to target getting phone numbers and kiss closes. Then I started pushing him into sets and critiqued him. Right after I pushed him into one set, I noticed a two set sitting at a table. I danced over to their table and opened. It’s worth mentioning here, when you’re on the dance floor, you need to be dancing. A lot of guys walk around the dance floor and hover. It’s called a dance floor for a reason. It doesn’t matter if you can dance or not. If you look stupid, nobody will say anything. If you walk through a dance floor, people will think you’re a creep looking to find the right target.

Part II on Friday
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