First Party at Project Hollywood
December 10, 2011
Insta Date
December 11, 2011

FR: Saddle Ranch Sarge With Maven 12/9/11

Last night I rolled out with Speer, Ace, Ninja, and Maven last night. While walking around the Saddle Ranch I opened a 4 set of seated girls for my first set of the night. Spoke with them for a few minutes and that was it. The set went well and I felt as though my rust had finally come off. We walked inside last night and I made a comment to one girl saying how I liked her jacket and she responded positively as well. Once outside Speer informed Ace and myself that our body guard duties were over because the place was straight.

The second he released me there was a seated two set right in front of us so I opened right away running a false time constraint on the seating which always works wonders. I’ve experimented the difference using false time constraints in sets and not using false time constraints in sets. Always use one especially when your sitting down with girls. The set didn’t take too long to hook and I was vibing with them very well. It was a lot of fun.

I liked the set enough to the point where I wanted to stay with them. Maven eventually came in to the set with our wing tactic. I pulled him back in and introduced him to the girls. I number closed my girl a few minutes later and invited them both to the party we are having. I kept kino escalating on this girl I was sitting next to and she just didn’t seem to be receptive the whole night for the most part or maybe she was just shy. Either way whenever I over do it with kino it may creep a girl out because I’ve seen it happen before so if I’m not feeling I can push it further I won’t because I don’t want to over step my boundaries. Either way I think I’m going to start experimenting with that and if I lose a set I lose a set oh well.

Maven is an excellent wing and did a great job on occupying the obstacle! Things were going great and the girls took a bathroom break which was perfect because it gave Maven and myself an opportunity to talk about bouncing these girls back to Project Hollywood or somewhere else. Maven suggested Mel’s diner and even though I wasn’t feeling Mel’s I went with it. We bounced with them back to the house because that way we didn’t have to pay for parking. The girls came into the pad for a bathroom break and then we walked them to Mels arm in arm.

Once inside Mels the girls started cracking dirty jokes which was awesome so we knew what they were thinking about. I thought oh snap it’s on lol! However, Maven’s girl started giving me IOI’s before we left the Saddle Ranch and was even worse inside of Mel’s Diner which was weird because I haven’t had something like that happen in a long time. Either way I wasn’t changing targets since I’ve already invested in the girl I was with. Maven and I need to come up with some sort of tactic or code words for things in the future. I cracked a few stupid jokes as though I was joking around with guys and the girls rolled their eyes a few times. Oh well I probably fucked up and killed the vibe but now I know not to do that again in the future.

Once we left the diner and walked up to the house the girls started acting weird as though they just wanted to go. Once they came back inside the house they were all about just leaving and fast……my girl started giving me the cold shoulder inside the diner when the waitress I number closed the night before came to say hi and also at the end. The girls left fast and I told mine I would text her the info for our party tommorow night. Either way the second night cold approaching and we pulled back to the house makes it a good night nontheless! Hope you guys enjoy.

Things I did right:
Opened right away and had no approach anxiety
Hooked the set fast
Winging tactics worked well with Maven
Had Fun
Number Closed in the middle of the interaction

Things I did wrong:
Didn’t really choose a target
Made some stupid jokes that may have killed the vibe
Maven and I probably should have kept the girls at the house instead of bouncing over to Mels
Should have kino escalated regardless if the girl was receptive or not
~Red Man~