Starting Small
December 9, 2011
First Party at Project Hollywood
December 10, 2011

FR: My First Night Out in Los Angeles…..Shaking the Rust Off 12/8/11

So last night I headed out in Los Angeles for the first time being out in a while. I headed out with Speer, Maven, Ace, and Ninja. We headed out to the Saddle Ranch which was awesome because I’ve always heard about the place but had never been to it. The first person we saw when we walked into the place was Mehow. Two gurus in the same bar with us was freaking awesome but at the same time I hadn’t felt that much approach anxiety in a long time. It actually paralyzed me at first because I felt as though I did soo extremely well this past summer and in Miami that I felt as though I wanted to show Speer how well I was doing. It made me feel that I had to pull which put a lot of pressure on me.

Speer calmed me down a bit outside so I headed in to open up a 10 set that was sitting down by the back exit. When I approached them they gave me the cold shoulder immediately and I got blown out. Fuck I thought that sucks lol! Either way I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I decided to wing for Ace a bit while he was in a set. He pulls me back in and introduces me to the girls. One of them had her back turned and seemed very cold. The other one was friendly but I felt as though she wasn’t really hooked yet so I ejected the set since I wanted to let Ace do his thing.

I went outside and opened a mixed set which didn’t last very long but still made me feel better. I headed back inside and Speer told me to go wing for Maven so I went in. I said hey bro have you seen Jay around? He said no so I told him I was going to go find him and he never pulled me back in so I found another mixed set I could work on. A four set with two guys and two girls in it. The set really didn’t open and I spoke briefly with all four of them. The only one really talking to me was one guy and that’s it.

I went into another two set of girls that were dancing and one of them I really liked because she was a red head. I am a sucker for red heads guys what can I say lol. I opened her directly saying I really like your red hair. She smiled at me and told me yes we do it best don’t we. I told her hell yeah we’re an endangered species and we have to keep the population going so I high fived her but she was walking away so I did the same. I spoke with Mehow and Dave his top instructor for a while after that other set and asked them if they had seen Speer anywhere. I went to look for Speer.

I found Maven at the front door and we were both opened by a decent looking blonde. In my opinion I would give her an hb7.5 I guess. I thought Maven had opened this girl before hand and knew her so I let him do his thing because I didn’t want to interrupt his game plan. I walked over to find Ninja at this point and we bullshitted for a while because Ace was still in set. Once Ace was done Speer rounded us all up and we bounced to another venue down the street called Rainbow. The place was closed so we headed over to the Viper Room which is right near Project Hollywood. It was awesome that we can walk to most of these places on foot.

On the way to Viper Room I was feeling kind of down because I thought my performance in field was terrible since I hadn’t done it in a while. I know I’m better than that but mainly was upset because AA hasn’t stopped me like that in a very very long time. I felt pressure being out with Speer because I wanted to prove myself to him and I think I got too inside my head because of it. He also told me my body language was off and that I needed to smile. He was right because I was feeling dissapointed in myself for letting that AA stop me in the beginning but I did overcome it regardless so the night was a win for me nontheless already.

We got to Viper room and I handed a flower to a decent looking two set outside just to get another set opened successfully under my belt. I wanted to ditch the flower anyways and it was a great tool to open with. The guy at the door told me that there was a $15 cover charge and that wasn’t worth it to us for a half hours time. All in all that was it so the guys headed back inside to play pool and I went to Mel’s Diner with Ace to grab a chocolate milkshake.

I saw a hot blonde waitress at Mels Diner that I gamed months ago at the summit by going direct on her. I told her this to her face and later on got her number because we’re having a party this Saturday night. She gave me a few IOI’s so I’m glad I got her number because she’s cute as hell. Hopefully she’ll come to the party and if not fuck it! I also have been persued by this hot spanish girl on facebook that I met through my boy Kendrick on facebook. I got her number online and spoke with her on the phone today so she’s coming to our party with some of her girls. Also she invited me to her Christmas party so I definitely am feeling that. Hope you ejoyed fellas!

Things I did right:
Plowed through my AA even though it hadn’t been that bad in a while.
Kept Opening regardless of the outcome
Got a number close at the end of the night because you should always close

Things I did wrong:
Let approach anxiety stop me at first
Felt too much pressure and was too inside my head most of the night
Didn’t open everyone I could have opened
Had poor body language
Hovered like a creeper around the bar a bit when I should have stayed in sets and merged them
~Red Man~