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June 20, 2012
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June 21, 2012

So yesterday I set up a day two with a black haired cutie from online from over the weekend. It started out with her telling me that she doesn’t even associate with guys in the military because of her past experiences with them. I sent her a reply back saying yeah because all us guys in the military are exactly the same and that she was way too quick to judge. She actually responded back saying I was right and that she shouldn’t have said that.

I’ve been changing things up online again a bit since my old power message isn’t really hitting anymore. What happens when you’re not getting results as much? You throw in a monkey wrench and swap things up a bit until you find out what works. I number closed her and continued the interaction followed by a phone call. We set up a day two and agreed to meet at Norms for a milk shake. I decided to do the Diner thing because normally all my day 2’s have been at hookah lounges or bars.

I met up with her at Norms and immediately told her hey let’s not let this table get between us so I sat right next to her. I hadn’t been out with a fair skinned, black haired, pretty eyed hottie in a while so I was a bit excited since a majority of women I’ve dated are brunettes. We talked and things went well. She was a bit shy and I called her out a bit saying she’s really cute but shy. She also said I was attractive and asked what I was doing later if I was going home or if I wanted to go over her house and hang more. Game on………Yeeeeeaaaaaa boooooy!

If history is any indicator, I know that when I’m out with a girl for the first time she really likes me so I know I’m going to at least make out with her. I followed her to her house and she had to hide me from her mom who was inside baby sitting her son. Once the coast was clear she text me telling me to come in. I headed in and sat on her couch watching tv with my arm around her. I calibrated to her comfort levels and could tell she wasn’t used to dating someone since she had been in relationships her whole life so I relaxed and made her laugh several times while going for compliance on those high points which lowered her defenses tremendously.

While the sexual tension was up I grabbed her and started making out with her. She stuck her tongue in my mouth beautifully. After the crazy make out session she had to go upstairs to check on her son. She walked me out and I made out with her again like crazy while she had her son in her hands. We agreed to meet up again and she’s texting me right now saying how much fun she had with me last night. Hope you all enjoyed.