FR: My First Night Out in Los Angeles…..Shaking the Rust Off 12/8/11
December 9, 2011
FR: Saddle Ranch Sarge With Maven 12/9/11
December 10, 2011

First Party at Project Hollywood

I went to the lair talk at Project Hollywood to hear Vince Kelvin, Speer, and Mehow. It was a great talk. I learned some great new tactics and wanted to implement them as fast as possible. I went out with a couple of guys from the lair and helped them get into set and gave a few things to help them in field. Drastic improvement in those guys in such a short time makes me feel good. I head back home for the party after getting warmed up in field. I always want to do a few sets just to get that vibe going. 1-3 sets works great for me.

I get back and meet the band that’s about to play live. Great guys and really can play great music too. I notice that there is a cute girl that has a circle of guys around her. I remember my first reaction was she will be mine . I walked around the house talking to people and having a good time. Opened a few sets here and there. One of the guys was doing pretty good with the group she was in. I decide to wing him. I waited for him to tell me which one he was going to go after. You always have to make sure it is clear which one you want is and go after her. He was in social guy mode and was having fun. Good for him. Yet I needed that information. In that situation I did what I always do. I followed the rule, his set, he gets the best girl.

I start giving her friend a lot of attention and bantering about the house and tell them my PUA name. It is an original name they haven’t heard ever. I end up talking about the meaning of Maven, “It means good at everything. Goes well with my real name, Daniel, which means only god can judge me.” We started going around telling what our names meant, touching the friend the whole time. Me and the other guy bounce them up to the top to get a drink. Both girls are loving me. I realized that the guy is not touching the girl and it doesn’t look like it is on betweem them. When we get up to the bar, he just walked away from the set. I keep the set going and decide want to have fun with this. I want to see how far I can go with this. To experiment and see what will happen is a great way to think when your out. I asked them who they were with… the friend came with the band. The girl I liked was just there for support of her friends who didn’t want to go alone. Girls always like to go out with another girl. If a girl goes out alone, that is a great sign she wants to go home with a guy that night. I joke that is she looking for a man tonight. She said “Yes, if he is good enough and will buy her dinner.” Light goes on in my head. I make the joke about buying her dinner lets go to the kitchen. Her and her friend laugh and say, “That earned you a point.” Right away, they wanted a picture with me. We took a regular one, a funny one, and a sexy one. The sexy one, I said, “Lets act like we are kissing,” with the one I wanted originally. It never ends up being an act. She went in right away for the kiss. The rest of the night I was bouncing her around. After the Pin Up Girls performance, I moved her to my room and got last minute resistance since her friend wanted to go home.

Looking forward to a date with her. The chase is fun. I can’t wait for the next time I go out to sarge. Maybe I will order in instead. lol