Exploring online game Part II — End Game (Post 24)
May 11, 2012
FR: Going for rejection
May 14, 2012

Since it was already late, I told her that we would be stopping by the club briefly, because we should go back to my house for some drinks and fun. I explained that I wasn’t in the club mood because of the accident. She understood and happily agreed. When we arrived at the venue, I texted my friend and she greeted us at the door and walked us to her VIP table. There were many girls there that I’d hung out with before. Everyone was like “Speer! Speer!” And they were kissing and hugging me. There was immense pre-selection in the air, and my target felt it. I ignored her for most of the night, paying more attention to my social circle. I did get her a few drinks and introduced her around before I disengaged and focused my attention on my friends. I didn’t have to pay for drinks here; since I knew the promoters.

They all missed me since I hadn’t been out in weeks. After a while, I crept up behind my target and started dancing with her. I slowly moved my hands up and down her body and she did not resist at all. I decided to continue kino-plowing and go for the kiss close. I ran my regular kiss close, although I did not ask what she liked better. I just started kissing, biting and tonguing her neck as I slowly escalated towards her lips. After a few minutes, we were making out passionately while dancing. If there was a right time to bounce, it would be now. Her buying temperature was through the roof.

“Lets get out of here,” I told her

“Why?” she asked.

“I want to go show you my pad before I have to bring you home. Besides, the music is too loud here.”

She nodded.

I said goodbye to about 20 people, kissing, hugging, and doing the normal goodbye before I leave a venue. Most of the time, I even say goodbye to people I do not know, including bouncers, bartenders, door guys, valet guys, etc. The reason I do that is to build more attraction cues. My target doesn’t know I don’t know these guys. In her mind, I know everyone in the venue; this creates social alignments and social proof.

As we began driving through South Beach, I kept pointing out good venues to go to. She really liked the fact that I was taking the time to show her all the cool spots in South Beach. As I was talking, I moved my hand on her thigh and continued to rub it, a move I did to keep the vibe going and keep her buying temperature high so I wouldn’t have to deal with a lot of resistance when we were in bed.

When we arrived at Project Miami, I started explaining to her what I did, and telling her about the other guys who live here. As we walked in, the house was quiet, since no one was home, which was a nice change of pace.

Every time I brought a girl home, Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop would try to game her. It was annoying, because they were trying to prove how much better at pickup they were. There were no rules, courtesy or etiquette in the house; it was every man for himself. I always prevented them from stealing my girls using a technique called “Metagame,” a community-term coined by Adam Lyons. Basically, I told each girl I brought into Project Miami everything that the guys I lived with would throw at them. They all gamed the same way all the time, so it was easy. Mystery liked to use a lot of false-takeaways, making the girl think he’s leaving before continuing to plow; Matador used a lot of AMOGing; etc. Having to deal with them all the time made me super good at AMOGing other guys though.

I walked her into the kitchen and fixed her a drink. Then I took her on a tour of the house. I took the time and showed her every nook and cranny. Girls are like cats in the sense that they want to know where everything is. It makes them feel safe in a new environment. The more comfortable a girl feels, the more inclined to comply she will feel. My tour of the house always ends with my room.

As we walked down the stairs and entered my room, I immediately sat on my bed and she followed. I left the door to my bedroom open, another way to make her feel comfortable. A lot of guys I know, especially ones with roommates, get girls into their rooms and immediately close the door. A girl feels very uncomfortable if you do that right away because she feels unsafe and/or trapped. Remember, in order to sleep with a girl she must be extremely comfortable with you and her surroundings. Otherwise, she might just back away or grow cold. It wouldn’t have anything to do with you either, it’s just a natural behavioral mindset that is built into most of us.

As we sat on my bed, I started going through my identity grounding routines. I showed her pictures of me on set with different actors, my portfolio and a few books I was featured in. I played around and joked with her because she hadn’t really watched any of the movies I was in. Slowly, I built more comfort by bringing her into my life, showing her that I was the real deal and not all talk. This all goes back to being congruent as a man. If you can’t prove the things you say, you risk seeming like another guy willing to say anything to get her into bed.

I pumped her buying temperature again by being cocky-funny, then I slowly undressed her without any hesitation. She was primed and ready.

On the way back to her house at 8 a.m., I talked her into coming down to project Miami and staying with me for a few weeks before going back to L.A., where she was from. She agreed, and we had a wonderful two weeks together.

Now I know that if I don’t feel like going out, there are always other alternatives to the numbers I picked up while sarging. Facebook, MySpace and many other sites can be good alternatives. Just Remember:

  • Make sure in the messages you construct you have attraction cues in place.
  • Get the number as fast as possible so you can talk on a personal level.
  • Don’t let anything stop you, life goes on.
  • Don’t settle for what you don’t want.
  • Make sure you are 100 percent congruent with everything you say in your emails and/or on the phone. Since she doesn’t know you, you do not want to seem incongruent from the start.
  • On the first date try to show her that you’re real, and the attractive qualities you have are not bs.
  • Don’t rush things.
  • Remain unreactive, unaffected and chill along with happy, excited, and fun.