Crazy Dream I had in April
May 9, 2012
Exploring online game Part III — End Game (Post 25)
May 14, 2012
The message I developed went something like this:
“I don’t get on this much lately but somehow I ended on your profile and you know what?

You’re like the little sister I never wanted :p

You seem like you might be more than just another pretty face in the crowd. Here in Miami, beauty is common, especially in my field. However, you seem like you might have something more to offer.

There are actually 3 things that are really important. Do you know what they are?
Speer =—->“

Then I developed an additional generic message to reply to their replies. That way I had little to no work to do, and I could literally farm hundreds of girls. Also, when the girls replied to my first message I would wait a while before reading their replies and responding. The reason for that is in the first message I wrote, “I don’t get on this much,” so I needed to be congruent.

That reply message I would send out went something like this:
“Sorry for getting back to you so late … I just got back from a full day that started out with a beach party, you know I got to get my tan on, then I came back to the house for a quick shower and right back out to a fashion show where we had a few tables and a whole bunch of us were popping bottles. You gotta party right!! I had a freaking blast =P I got to hang out with all my friends and my girls. Then the after party … because what type of guy would I be if I didn’t have an after party to go to? I grabbed some of my girlfriends and one of my best friends and went out to one of the coolest clubs around. I don’t want to tell you the name because you might stalk me, but I can honestly say it is one of the hottest venues in South Beach. Drop me your number and if the night is right next time I’ll invite you along.

Oh yeah almost forgot The 3 most important things …
1. A good outlook on life
2. A good energy
3. A great personality
Speer =—->”
After sending out my first message to around 30 girls, I had about seven replies. I waited a few days and then sent off my scripted reply. Out of the seven girls, two hooked, sent me their numbers and I called them and set up dates. I couldn’t believe it, but it actually worked. I got a date with a true beauty from MySpace.

As I was driving to her house, the lug nuts in the wheel of my Jag came flying off and I slid all over the highway. I almost hit the wall, but thank God I learned stunt driving, because my natural skill took over and saved my life.

“Damn,” I thought to myself, now I don’t get to go pick her up. I called a tow truck and a good friend named Ben to come pick me up. I asked him to drop me off at my parents’ house because I would not be able to drive my car until I got a chance to bring it to the shop the next day. As we were on the way, I called my date and explained my situation. Luckily, she still wanted to see me. I told her I would try to get my dad’s car, which I did, and drove straight to her house. Along the way, I texted all my friends that are promoters in South Beach and asked them what was going on. I got a few replies and ended up with several options for the night.

Something you have to have in your back pocket is a lot of different things to do. It takes a little work to go out regularly and meet important people in nightclubs, bars and restaurants, but it will help you out a lot. Take a girl somewhere you’re well connected, and she takes notice. She also sees that you have connections and you don’t have to spend a lot of money, if you have to spend at all. Having that kind of a network is the difference between just being a pickup artist and having a solid lifestyle. When you have a solid lifestyle and social circle, you won’t have to do much to bring new people into your life.

When I got to my date’s location, I realized a lot of the things I told her about myself would seem completely fake, since I was driving a different car for one thing. I figured that I would just tell her I needed to stop at my parents’ house to pick something up. That way she would see my Jag, which would help me remain congruent. It is extremely important to stay congruent, especially when you haven’t even met the girl in person before. Otherwise you risk seeming fake, and a liar.

After we swung by my parents’ house, we headed toward South Beach. It was already around 2 a.m., since a tire flying off my car was not in the plans. I always say, “Don’t let anything stand in your way, remain calm and continue living life like nothing happened.” Think about it. If I got mad and let the accident end my night, it would have really sucked. But later I had a girl with me and I was heading to a club. What could be better? Life is full of potential pitfalls, there will always be things that get in your way. That’s just the nature of life. If you let those things stop you, you end up in a bad mood with nothing to show for it. Bad shit happens. Good shit happens too, like the rest of my night. Part III on Monday.

Speer =—->