Speer’s Double Scales theory — End Game (Post 22)
May 7, 2012
The secrets of body language
May 9, 2012

Waking up daily at Project Miami became bland. Mystery is in Los Angeles, Lovedrop is in San Diego, and Matador is in New York. I was the only one at the house on this day. Well, me and Arcane, that is. Arcane was muscular, pretty tall at 5’9”, had long black hair, brown eyes, always wore black, gothic gear and he was really into the fetish scene. In fact, he was in the middle of writing a book about the different types of fetishes. He was a good friend of Johnny Allred, and moved into the house to get some insight into the pickup community for his book.

When I first moved in the house I was thrilled. But today, it feels like just a house, no different from any other place I’ve lived. I don’t get excited or ecstatic about being here anymore, but it’s not that I don’t appreciate it, because I truly do. Living in Project Miami with some of the world’s best pickup artists has been thrilling. It’s just that I realize now, more than ever, that having a nice place is just icing on the cake. Think about it. When you are in a social gathering like a club, bar, lounge, etc., you don’t have your house, your car or any of your impressive toys to get the girl to like you. She can’t see your mansion or high end car, those things essentially go out the window. You’re dead wrong if you think money and possessions will get you women. Those things will get you gold diggers. No matter how much you make, where you live or what you own, all you can really rely on is yourself and the game. This brings me to MySpace.

I was in that place mentally where I just didn’t feel like going out. I felt like staying at home and watching the flickering lights on my projector. I watched movies, T.V. shows, visualization programs that sync to the music I listen to, etc. I just felt like I was in a rut. The worst part was, the more I didn’t go out, the worse I felt. Despite all the lays I’d been getting — about one every two days — I still started to feel shitty. And that’s when I first started realizing that I wasn’t going to find any kind of fulfillment bedding different girls all the time. Those feelings were only going to get stronger. Anyway, on this day I started thinking, ‘How can I get girls to come to me, or what’s a solid reason to get out of the house today?

When I feel this way, I always reach out to my friends. I decided that I needed to brainstorm. So I called Brady, who was now going by Havok, instead of The Machine. A little while ago I changed his name because I thought The Machine was stupid. Since we were going out together often, I thought he should have a better name. At this point, Brady was working in my computer store, managing things and making money off sales commission. I also rented him a little studio in the same building as my store for him to live. It was actually meant to be an office, but at least he was able to move out of the back of his previous electronic store.

Brady and I met up and we shared stories about our recent adventures. Then I started telling him how I was feeling and that I just didn’t feel like leaving the house. I didn’t want to go out gaming, or even hang out with friends. So Brady started telling me about a girl he met through MySpace. He told me the typical message he sends out to numerous girls. He also showed me the girls he was actually pulling from the site. The idea of picking up girls online sounded good to me, and that’s because I used to try to pick up girls in AOL chat rooms when I was younger, when I had no idea how to go out and meet new girls in person. I used to stalk AOL chatroom profiles looking for hot girls. And I can tell you from experience, girls can get kinky in those private messages.

Anyway, gaming online was familiar territory for me, and now seemed like a good time to get back into it.

So I started a MySpace account and made my profile look as cool as possible. It included pictures of me with celebrities, pictures of my social circle, my girls, my house and, of course, pictures of myself. Then I wrote a brief description of myself, what I like, and what I don’t like. Just a few things that would raise my status and ultimately make me look better if my targets were interested and actually took the time to read it. I also put one of my favorite songs at the time to load as soon as you enter the page. That way I was creating a vibe as they looked over my page.

Then I took the time to develop a generic message that I could send out to as many girls as I wanted. I wanted the message to be short, simple, and have hooks that will be able to make a girl that is interested reply with some interest.

I’ll give you guys that message, and more advice for online game, in the next post

Speer =—->