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April 4, 2012
FR: Number Closed a Married Woman That Was on My Cock!
April 5, 2012

I turned my attention to television to shoot a pilot for “Burn Notice.” I’m 25 now and I’m working as the associate producer while also doing a little standing in for Jeffrey Donovan, who played the main character. We were shooting on Star Island in South Beach in a $42 million mansion owned by some music producer.

One day I was looking for a quiet place to eat lunch in this house, and I ended up in the library, where I wasn’t really supposed to go. I actually got kicked off of set twice before for breaking rules like no talking to directors or producers, and no photos. But I usually just did what I wanted and got away with it because I was friends with a lot of the guys on set. Most of the time I just got warnings.

Anyway, the grips happened to be in the library setting up the lights on the library walls and ceiling for an upcoming scene. The noise of their tools kind of ruined my quiet lunch and were also causing the shelves to vibrate. All the sudden a bunch of books fell on me. One book in particular fell right into my lap. It was a black leather, gold bound book that I assumed was the Bible. I picked it up without really looking at it.

That’s when Maria, another stand-in on set, came into the library looking for me. She was a cuban girl, about 6’0’’ tall, thin, had a nice ass and breasts, big brown eyes, a very kind looking face and short brown hair. She was actually an attorney by trade. We ate lunch a lot together on set, since we were both stand-ins. Movie sets are a lot like high school cafeterias in that regard; directors hang out with other directors, producers with other producers, actors with other actors, stand-ins with other stand-ins, etc.

Maria and I were just friends though. So she came in and asked me what I was reading and she grabbed the book out of my hand. That’s when I realized it wasn’t a bible, and took a closer look at those gold letters on the cover: “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists,” by Neil Strauss. Maria was telling me that one of the other stand-ins on set, Matt, read the book and became a player. Matt was a pretty nice guy, kind of looked like a model with his decent build and slicked blonde hair.

I’m about to place it back on the shelf when Maria snatched it out of my hand and started telling me about the plot, although she had never read it herself.

She opened it up and started reading to herself.

“If you’re going to read it, read it out loud,” I said. “I like to enjoy my lunch and I like being read to.”

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful girl reading a book to you. And I found the book very interesting. I had no idea there was a system in place that enabled guys to use strategy to pick up girls. Although I hadn’t exactly spend my life alone to that point.

Beginning at age 15, when Jamie and I started going out, I never spent more than two weeks at a time being single. My first sexual exploit actually came when I was 11. It wasn’t real sex though; I was just kind of plowing the girl without any actual penetration.

Still, the idea that I could go out and apply the concepts in The Game gave me a sense of empowerment. As Maria read, she kept telling me how none of this stuff could work on her, or any other girl for that matter.

“This is such bullshit,” she said.

She kept reading.

“Oh my God!” she said as we read a little further. “Matt used that on me!”

“Oh my God, Matt used this on me!” she said moments later.

Many more comments along those line followed as she kept reading.

All I was thinking was if this shit works for Matt, then it’s got to work for me. So that night I drove to the bookstore, bought a copy and I read it cover to cover in two days. And I don’t like reading; I’ll only read if I need to learn something.

The concepts in the book were targeted, and I liked that idea. The back of the book led me to a forum, which I logged onto and made a post asking if there were any wings in Miami. One guy responded, saying, “I’ll teach you everything I know.” His name was Brady, and he lived in the back of an electronic store.