How To Keep Her: Beyond Pickup Lines and Routines
September 16, 2012
September 21, 2012

I know I skipped almost 40 posts of End Game but this is relevant now. We’ll continue the normal schedule of End Game in a week or so with Post 47 – “The Official VA Contract”.

It was a long past year with ups and downs the entire time as I described in the previous pages. Project Hollywood has lost some of it’s mystique due to a certain whack job staying in the room above me. From loud music to paying prostitutes. Both my girl and I had to deal with it.

I tried to keep to myself sneaking girls from the bathroom door so I wouldn’t have to see the pink haired rooster. I would often walk by him and he’d look off into the distance and mumble to himself. I wasn’t sure if it was the drugs he was on, the energy drinks, the sex pills, or a combination of them all. I kept telling him that he’s not a young man anymore and he needs to slow down or he’ll have a heart attack. At the same time we would sit there and smoke cigarette after cigarette.

At one point I thought perhaps it was me after my most recent car accident. My doctor had increased my prescription pain medication and recommended surgery. This made me think less clearly because for a short time after taking the medication I’d feel groggy as hell.

Pinky had made enemies of everyone in the house over the past 10 months. It first started with Ace(Casanova’s Ace of Spades). Ace was a down to earth black rocker kid that was hard working too. He cleaned after V mess all day long and in return Pinky treated Ace like absolute garbage. Pinky was always yelling at him, telling him he’s worthless, and generally treating him like shit. Ace came up to me several times wanting to quit and I kept convincing him to stay. Honestly, after Pinky would required him to pickup used condoms and trash off the floor he should’ve quit. It should have never got to a point where Ace would blow up and almost knock Pinky out. For some reason this little puny old burnt out psycho of a man would allow himself to treat his team like shit. On this bright beautiful Thursday I heard Ace walk onto my balcony to water the plants. As I looked out I saw Pinky trailing behind him yelling,

“Who pays for this place?”

I remember thinking I paid quite a bit…lol!

“Who picked you up out of the gutter?”
“If you don’t do what I say get the fuck out of here!”

Again thinking Pinky couldn’t do that without discussing it with me. It was just empty threats of a powerless and defeated man. Ace stormed off my balacony and headed towards the kitchen yelling behind him..

“Pinky leave me alone!!”

In Ace’s defense he warned Pinky several times to leave him alone but Pinky didn’t listen. He trailed behind and continued to verbally accost Ace. I heard a crazy amount of yelling from my room and it clearly came from the other side of the house, then the kitchen. I put my laptop down, lit a cig and walked towards the comotion. As I was walking towards the kitchen I heard Ace yelling followed by the slam of a door. When I arrived Pinky had gone up to the pool and Hydro was standing in the kitchen. Hydro took a look at me with a bit of fear in his eyes and said,

“You better talk to Ace because he’s going to knock out Pinky. You need to calm him down.”

Then a loud yell came from Herbal’s old room where Ace was at. Then another sound eminatated from the room and then “BOOM” like someone had punched through the wall. I felt as though I should get the whole story first before talking with Ace and give him some time to cool down. I went upstairs to the pool and confronted Pinky.

“What happened now?” I asked.

Pinky responded in a shaky nervous voice. “He threatened me! I will not have people threaten me in my house!”

As I looked at him he seemed like he was about to have a panic attack. His hands were trembling and his voice kept cracking. I walked back downstairs not really sure what to expect. I usually don’t try to talk to people who are emotional because they can’t think straight but Ace was different. I opened the door to Herbal’s room and Ace was sitting on the floor enraged.

He said,
“Leave me alone right now.”

I responded, “Can’t do that.” I continued with “Dude don’t let that old geezer get to you because he’s just an asshole.”

As I looked around the room it was a mess and Ace had started to throw shit into a bag. He clearly wanted to leave. I also saw that there had been a huge hole punched into the wall.

I said “Why beat up the wall? What did it ever do to you?”

Ace laughed a smidge and then retworted with, “He’s lucky I didn’t smash him!”

I nodded agreeing and I sat down next to him until he was calm. Once he calmed down I went back up to the pool and convinced V to apologize to Ace because he deserved it. The fact is Ace slept on the floor in Pinky’s old apartment and busted his ass day and night for the guy. Although Pinky never gave him any gratitude for it. Instead he taunted him, verbally abused him, and belittled him.

This wasn’t the first incident. After all you read by now how Pinky kept making Bao cry and then the rap session when the entire 7 people on our team did an intervention for him since he was treating them like shit. As a result we lost a lot of good guys because they quit. It was all new to me because I have had interns for almost 6 years who love me and they’re still with me today. I guess for someone that has never lived this type of lifestyle it can be self destructive.

Ace eventually quit, so did Hydro, and a bunch of others.