End Game (Post 7)
March 26, 2012
Improv & Acting Course
April 4, 2012
I learned a lot during the first stage of my journey to becoming a master of seduction, relationships and lifestyle.
First, I learned a lot about how to treat people. Regrettably, the first meaningful relationship I had turned abusive, emotionally and physically. After Jamie and I broke up and got back together, I even used sex as an outlet for my aggression. She and I were both at fault, we both made the relationship toxic. Eventually I realized I needed to cut her out of my life. It’s not always easy to cut a girl out of your life who you’ve had a long standing relationship with, but sometimes it’s for the best. 

In building a solid lifestyle, it’s important to remove people who cause stress in your life or have a negative influence over you. This is a crucial part of the foundation on which your new lifestyle will stand. Sometimes we want to keep people around because of the emotional ties we’ve had with them. You can go to our forum, Projecthollywood.cc, and look up under my archives the Double Scales Theory/T.E. Value. This formula I developed can help decide who to eliminate from my life based on logic rather than emotion. Cutting Jamie out of my life was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Furthermore, I learned a lot about relationships. I came to embrace the ups and downs, instead of being afraid of them or trying to avoid them, like most guys do. Learn something from each relationship, even every fleeting interaction with women, especially from the negative and the failures. Because success is bred from failure.


I also learned a lot of hard lessons about relationships beyond my relationships with women. Through the time in my life documented by these first seven posts, I dealt with a lot of guys who either used me or wanted something from me. It wasn’t easy to come to the realization that Jamie cheated on me. It was almost as hard to accept the fact that one of my close friends from high school was the one she cheated on me with. After Tommy, there was James, another guy who I thought was my friend, who was actually turning my girl against me and later started fucking her, but after we had already broken up.

When I got involved in acting, I learned how important it is to just be social if you want to set up an attractive lifestyle for yourself. I went from being surrounded by beautiful actresses and models and not saying anything to them, to slowly building friendships with them, to eventually creating a large social circle. Also, I didn’t get as far as I did in the entertainment industry by just talking to girls around me. I started climbing the ladder when I started talking to everybody. Many of the directors and producers I socialized with on set enabled me to get minor roles and eventually a job as a production assistant.

Later on, the social circle I created in Miami ran much deeper than the girls I always had around me. I knew the managers, promoters, bouncers, waiters, bartenders; sometimes I pretended to know people in the club who I had never met just so people would perceive me as more social.

We’ll get into those chapters next.