Use Implied Time Constraints
March 25, 2012
End Game (Post 8)
March 31, 2012

My acting career was really going well at this point. I socialized a lot by going to all kinds of wrap parties and after-parties. Even if I wasn’t invited, I would just show up and crash them. I worked with a lot of different directors, and I made a point to network with them. Everyone on set started calling me “Hollywood Sal” after I started bringing my own chair, which I would sit down right next to the director. It helped get me closer in the chain. When you get to know those guys, sometimes they’ll give you a small part. That’s I how I landed a job as an extra in America’s Most Wanted, for example. The director was having problems with his laptop, so I told him I’d take care of it for free. It took me six or seven hours, which is why I don’t like working on laptops. He bought me lunch though, and I after a little while I became the production assistant for America’s most wanted, and eventually became an associate producer.

I was still maintaining my computer store, and keeping in touch with Jamie. She came in the store one day to talk to me. I went to the bathroom and one of the guys I worked with, Charles, started talking to her, and asked for her number. He even asked her on a date. Jamie didn’t tell me right away, but she called me later and, for the first time, was honest with me in a matter of infidelity between us. Even though we weren’t together anymore. I think she had matured after a rough experience with me. I know I learned a lot from being with her. There are times when you need to let things go without abusing each other.

When she told me about Charles, I lost it. Have you ever felt like a switch flipped in your head that caused you to lose your mind? I called Charles. First, I told him he was fired. Then, I told him I would crush his life. I felt like getting a bunch of my cousins together to jump Charles and put him in the hospital. But before I had the chance to do anything, he called the cops on me. He gave them an anonymous tip that I had a lot of marijuana.

So the cops show up at my house, and they find a few ounces of marijuana, enough to charge me with a felony, I had stored in a Mickey Mouse doll that I gutted. They also found my pistol, but I owned that legally. I ended up having to go to drug court, and the whole incident cost me a shit load of money. Drug court is basically the same as Alcoholics Anonymous, except I also had to pass piss tests. Quitting marijuana wasn’t hard, but I did begin to smoke cigarettes as a substitute.

While all of this was going on, I was dating this girl Rachel. I like petite girls with amazing bodies, and she fit the bill. She was 22 — same age I was — had beautiful eyes, brown hair and was really petite, but at the same time I wasn’t really physically attracted to her. But she was into me, and her parents were rich. Had I decided to stick with her, I could have been very well off. I could’ve lived my life without ever having to work. What I remember most about her was how organized she always had to be. She always posted stickers all over the house with reminders and things to do. Sometimes she got kinky with it.

One day I walked in to Rachel’s house in Boca Raton — I stayed over enough to the point where we were pretty much living together — and found a sticker that said, “Open the fridge and grab the chocolate.” And then there was another one telling me to go into the living room to take a box of condoms. Then another one said to get in the shower and wash up, so I did that. I caught a glimpse of her running past me, trying to avoid me, but I kept the game going anyway. As soon as I stripped down to my underwear, she ran in bathroom naked, stripped me caressed my entire body, gave the best head she could give.

Then, we must have fucked for three hours. I came a lot. I have this blood disorder that most guys would probably think is fantastic. I could come 10 times without my dick going down. The more I ejaculate, the closer I come to having a real orgasm. Rachel always did stuff like that. She really tried, and she really loved me, but I just didn’t feel the same about her.

Eventually we broke up. It was difficult, but that’s part of the thrill of being in a relationship for me. I enjoy the rollercoaster-ride, the ups and downs. Most people are afraid of the downs. But life goes on. You can’t be afraid that a girl might end up breaking your heart or making you sad.