End Game (Post 5)
March 21, 2012
Going Through Rejections and Pain Makes You Excellent with Women
March 24, 2012

Jamie and I kept in touch, and I’ll never forget the next time I saw her. I’m walking into the gas station and I see her duck behind the counter.

“Jamie, you can stand up, you don’t have to hide behind the counter,” I said.
She stood up, and James was also there. Then it struck me that they were together. James is standing there looking at me like he’s saying, “look, I’m fucking your girl.”
I still can’t believe she slept with him.
But I was fucking girls that were way more attractive than Jamie, girls I met in AOL chat rooms and match.com, since I still struggled to interact with people I saw around me in real life.
I stayed in our apartment for a little while after Jamie moved out. We lived next door to this Cuban girl who was one of the most gorgeous girls I had ever seen. Her name was Angelica.
She had an ass you could sit a cup on, and she could walk and it wouldn’t spill. Every guy would drop his jaw, and his tongue would roll out of his mouth when she walked by.
One day I’m hanging out with my friend Andrew, we’re watching a movie. Angelica comes by, knocks on the door and asks for cup of sugar. So I gave her a cup of sugar and she left. About 5 minutes went by and came by again and asked me if I could come over for a minute.
“I have a computer problem, can you come by and look at it,” she asked.
I thought she really had a computer problem that needed fixing, because there’s no way this gorgeous girl wants to fuck me. I told my friend Andrew just keep watching the movie and that I would be back shortly.
I walked into her apartment and I was shaking, my knees and thighs were trembling.
Her internet proxy service was off. So I flipped the switch on.
“There you go,” I said.
“I heard you broke up with your girlfriend,” she said. “Are you seeing anyone?”
One thing led to another and we’re in her bedroom fucking. I couldn’t believe it.
She had small breasts, and I couldn’t believe that they were fake. I could tell by how stiff they were. But her ass was real, and it was incredible. Especially for me, since I’m an ass man. I fucked the shit out of her, even though I only lasted about five minutes. I wasn’t a good lay back then. It was so exciting, such a rush. I ate her out for a long time after fucking her.
After we finished we were both just lying there. She was trembling, I was trembling, it was like we both knew it was wrong. I couldn’t believe that I just fucked a beautiful, gorgeous, sexy girl for the first time in my life. She was someone I thought I’d never be able to get. I walked out of her apartment feeling like a million bucks. I had that triumphant feeling where I feel like I’ve conquered something. Those kinds of moments only come around once in awhile throughout most peoples’ lives.
I was riding a wave of happiness and success for a long time after my night with Angelica. It made me bolder. I started talking to people on set, to people at parties and at various events. I was never a popular guy to that point in my life; I had more haters than friends. After talking to the other actors and models around me looking for the same jobs I was looking for, I realized that we were all in the same position. Everybody treated each other equally.
That realization was just the beginning.