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September 18, 2012
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September 22, 2012


Note From Speer =—->

I know you are all probably expecting Post 83 – “Project Hollywood 2.0” but we are going back and forth in order to catch up to the current story-line. Like my man; Quentin Tarantino does in his flicks. Also to inform everyone that was involved in Project Hollywood will start posting their story-lines on KOP’s BLOG SPOT. These posts are not to hurt or bad mouth anyone. They are just the honest and hard boiled opinions from everyone that was there for most, if not the entire year of PH2.0. Most people will try to jump on the ban wagon and talk shit and that’s there option. The few people that were there will be recognized and gain validity, the others will be called out as “Trolls” or “Visitors”.

And now on with the show…Continued from “Post 46”


Waking up on my moms couch was never pleasant, sun would beam down at my face, she would get up to work and wake me every morning around 8am. Not the lifestyle I wanted, not the place I wanted to be and definitely not where I thought I would be.

I had a pretty interesting routine for a while; I would get up around 8am, have breakfast with my mom, and then go look after my stores. I still didn’t really know the magnitude the community will have on my life. I had talked to Allan who kept telling me “Come to Vegas, there are alot of students here for you”. I guess he kept up with some of the people on the first boot camp I did in Vegas while still working for VA. I knew that I could do well there if there was high demand for my services. I called him after a while and said “I’m in, Sin city here we come again!”

We had signed up 13 people all together. I flew down and grabbed a hotel room at the same Holiday Inn we initially rented for the VA boot camp I taught with Mystery, and Lovedrop. Although instead of renting a conference room I rented a suite and ran the boot camp there. Everyone got great results over the weekend, and I do mean everyone.

Here are a couple of testimonials from that Boot Camp which was done in 2007:



It was kind of messed up because I had made over 15k and retroactively went to the casino and gambled like an idiot. Let’s just say I donated a bunch of my hard earned cash to the casinos. I figured they needed my help, and obviously weren’t doing well enough without my money. LOL

After the boot camp I flew up to California to meet with Savoy. He had wanted to see what I could do before officially endorsing me and Phase Shift Lounge (Before Speer Method) He also wanted to witness what I teach put into practice. One evening I met him at a quite restaurant. I sat down and talked to him for what seemed like a few hours and then we met up the next day to hit up some good venues.

That night we drove around for a while and only saw one place that was packed. Afterall it was a weekday. This place had super hot girls walking in and out of the door. It was Savoy, Allan, myself and a couple of interns. As we approached the door we realized it was a private party. Doors, Bouncers, or Invite only parties don’t usually stop me from trying to get in. I always want to try to plow my way in and most of the time I can because of my persuasive nature. Which has to do with Albert Mehrabian’s rule of communication and the general attitude I have. Knowing LEI and A good pair of balls doesn’t hurt.

As I walked towards the rope, looking at the red carpet under my feet Savoy began to inch away from me and the 3 guys trailing behind. I walked up and saw the door man which looked like he ate his predecessor. He was a large Italian looking guido, muscles form neck to toe, and a fake tan to boot. I looked at him and vice versa, this remained for an intense few seconds. Savoy by this point was out of sight. The guido looked at me, then behind me at Allan and our two interns and said “This is a private party”

I stared at him for a second looking a bit confused and said;

“We’re on the list” I put my production business card in his hands and said “I just flew in from Miami, this is my crew” pointing at the guys behind me. I continued plowing through and said “I was invited here, don’t fuck this up”  A bit ballsy but it worked.

He looked back at the list and asked for my name. He couldn’t find it on the list but I wouldn’t budge from my story. With a bit of luck, smarts, and balls anything can be accomplished.

He asked “Did J invite you?”

I immediately replied “Yeah, he did”

He paused for a second; “Alright you guys can come in” he said

Then he lifted the velvet rope and let us all in. I remember thinking I should of just said “Open Says Me” Savoy seeing this happen, quickly came behind the last intern and we all got in. Once inside the venue, we split up as to not look like a cock fest and started gaming all the hot girls in the venue. To my surprise, this was an adult entertainment party and it was awesome. There were half naked women all around us, and they were super nice too.  Afterall if you were not someone important, or a hot girl you were not getting in. There is always the exception to the rules.

As I walked around gaming different girls I saw Allan in set, the interns in set and Savoy macking to two super hot blondes. All in all we had a great night and everything was going well. I felt like this is the start of a beautiful career. I was making power moves, I was now endorsed by Love Systems, boot camps were filling up, and the forum was growing at rapid rates. Not to mention Savoy had invited me to his Super Conference and to be a featured speaker on Love Systems Interview Series.

This was truly the beginning.