FR: Number Closed a Married Woman That Was on My Cock!
April 5, 2012
Compliance Tests
April 9, 2012

I picked up Brady at his electronic store on the night we met in person for the first time. He lived there because he couldn’t afford an apartment. Brady had a gym membership, and that’s the only place he had to shower. That night he was wearing a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt, jeans and dress shoes with some cheap jewelry. So I could see he didn’t dress well. But he was a pretty good looking guy, with green eyes, short spikey dirty-blonde hair and a skinny build. But he also came off as very nerdy too, and he had this mindset that nerds couldn’t succeed with women. That was his biggest problem.

We’re driving toward a club on South Beach and he’s telling me about all these other pickup artists that I never heard of, guys who weren’t in The Game, like Savoy. He’s also telling me about the Cliff’s List conference and all the training and materials he had. He was telling me all about how we were going to wing each other, and used a lot of terminology that I had never heard before. He also told me about the lairs, groups of guys in different cities around the country who met to talk about pickup and go out together. Brady was talking with such enthusiasm, and I started getting excited.

He was also telling me that I had to have a pickup artist name. Brady’s name was “The Machine.”

“The Miami Lair calls me ‘The Machine’ because I keep opening,” he said.

“What’s wrong with Sal?” I asked. “Why do I need a name.”

“Sometimes women check the forums and stuff.”

So I thought about it for a little while and came up with a few different options, names I went by back when I was into role playing games. I was sent to military school when I was a kid, and there aren’t really any forms of entertainment there besides a television and Risk. A lot of my classmates and I read comics, like Gen 13, and came up with role playing games based on those. Kanos, Drake, Bane and Havoc were a few of the role-playing characters that I developed as a kid that I considered using for the community. But then I just said “Speer.” I guess it was in my head because I had seen my name listed as “S. Peer” on a lot of junk mail over the years.

I don’t remember much about that first night out we spent winging each other. I do remember that I got five numbers and one girl invited me to a party she and her friends were having later that night. I used a lot of the old Mystery Method routines, including “The Cube” and “The Best Friends Test.” But when those gimmicks inevitably ran out of steam, I just reverted to being myself, and that’s what worked the best for me. To this day, The Game is the only pickup related book that I’ve read. I never took any boot camps or attended any seminars, so I didn’t really know a lot of openers or routines at first. For the most part, I was myself, which means my style was kind of aggressive. There were times when I guess my ego was too big for my own good; in general, I’m not one to back down from anything.

I also remember seeing Brady open a lot that night, but mostly getting blown out.

Eventually the sets I got into went pretty well. It was astonishing to me to be able to get results by putting this stuff into practice. When we got started, I let Brady do all the opening, because that’s what he did best. But the girls usually ended up liking me better. Maybe it was because he came off as kind of weird, or maybe I was dressed better.

It didn’t take long for me to get good at talking to girls. I was kind of a momma’s boy growing up and I have two sisters, so it became pretty simple. Spending a shitload of time on set with actresses and models, and gradually becoming more social also helped a lot.

Brady and I started going out every night, so my game quickly became the focal point of my life.