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June 8, 2012
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June 11, 2012

Eating healthy and losing weight can be a tremendous job for many people. Everybody wants to look better and by looking better you can improve your self confidence plus sky rocket your inner game.

Eating nasty fast foods is delicious, I’m a fat ass at heart and used to be a fat fuck. I love Burger King, McDonalds and OMG JACK IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!

But we have to stop making these foods part of our regular eating habits.
To start becoming in shape, the first step is to shop for healthy foods, when you go to the grocery store make it a challenge for yourself and even a small game to buy the freshest of lean meats like fish, steak, shrimp and of course chicken. Buy veggies, lots of veggies, and the finest extra virgin olive oil , and not as many fruits. Fruits are great but they contain a lot of sugar that can sneak up on you.

Don’t buy sodas OR juices, you buy tea bags, and make your own tea. Non sugar tea and extra virgin oil are those secret foods that will burn your fat. Try it. The point of buying healthy foods is so that you won’t have any other options when you open your fridge but to pick something healthy.

Make it fun because to get in shape you must practically become your own chef!
You must like cooking, and if you don’t you’ll learn to.
It’s more expensive to eat healthy than to eat gross shit. Think about it what is quicker and cheaper a 3 dollar meal from BK or a 7 dollar sandwich from subway.

Subway is a great way to lose those pounds, it’s not to be eaten every day, and when you do eat subway choose of course the wheat bread, with no mayo or salt, add anything else you want, the only sauces you should consider are olive oil and vinegar. no salt, you may use honey mustard, and pepper.

Chicken wraps! They’re AMAZING. You can chose this over Subway but it’ll be about 8 to 9 bucks from a wrap. Always remember to eliminate mayo and fatty sauces because they do more harm than you think.

Once in a while you should treat yourself to ANY food you like. Pizza, 2 pizzas, nachos, as long as you know you deserve it (in moderation) and you’ve seen improvements in the way you look.

The other night I went out with friends and they were stunned. I ate 2 pizzas.
I ate 4 hot dogs, chips, a meal at Jack in The Box, and Poquito Mas. They didn’t know how I could eat so much and still have abs. Well it’s simple, I only eat out rarely, I burn everything at the gym, by eating healthy every day of my life, and eating in small portions about 5-6 times a day.

I hope this post was of some help to those out there in persuit of a better body, levels of higher energy, and a healthier lifestyle.

Your boy,
Red Man