Who, What, When, Where, Why, How ? (Part 1 of The Journey)
February 28, 2013
Being socially savvy is not just about being a good conversationalist or knowing when to escalate. It is about self and external awareness. Try being quite and listening to others using open ended questions.
June 13, 2013

Don’t let people get the better of you. It is your mental state that decides your state and not other peoples.

Well it is all about the mindset. In order to achieve healthy state first you must know the basics and in this specific tip it says implement a positive and healthy mental state. Perhaps you are right and I should elaborate…. a healthy mental state comes from a defined moment. Since all of us have fluctuation in our emotions it is best to find reference points to achieve a positive state that does not get effected by other people. -example- If won a sports game, got the girl you wanted, received a large amount of cash, got promoted at work or aced some test it will trigger an emotional spike which will be conducive to healthy mental state. This would be your first reference point. This reference point can be triggered by using NLP, or even recalling that specific moment (past projection) According to leading research when you close your eyes and relive a past event you trigger the same brain synopsis and should be able to recall the emotion. Expanding on this specific emotional state should trigger a specific mindset which will help control negative emotional pressure form external sources. This will help most people get out of a rut, or avoid negative influences from external sources. That should give you a little more insight as to the tip itself, but if you want to know more detailed I am planning to do a group call with Helmuth soon and everyone is welcome.