Viva Las Vegas!
January 11, 2012
Vince Kelvin’s: Real or Robot
January 12, 2012

Desperate Tuesday at azul #1…

Last night i went out with a few guy from the crew. It was Bouncer, Ninja, Hush, and myself. I haven’t explored this area to much. Bouncer knew of a place that had cheap drinks and was popping on Tuesday. he called it desperate Tuesday at azul.

We arrive and I jump into a set of 2 good looking black girls. Open with what are they celebrating tonight. They say Tuesday. We banter and i start to move them. Problem is that they have to many drinks so it becomes a hassle to carry all the drinks. No problem. I bounce and notice that bouncer is in a set I wing him.

I ask if he has seen hush anywhere. He pulls me into the set. It is a girl he knows and her friends. I don’t drink and I see that one of her friends isn’t drinking but wants to dance. I make some smart ass comment and pull her into dance. One thing you always want to do is isolate so I start to pull her away. She says she is the sober driver and has to watch her friend tonight. I remain nonreactive and dance with her a few songs. Then I bounce out of the set night is young and I want to open a lot and just have fun. Plus I can always jump back into the set later since I left with her wanting more.

I head outside and see ninja and hush in set makes me happy to see them doing well. There is a three set of girls that just came out to smoke. I walk over and talk to them asking if this is a girls night out. They hook and the I pull Ninja in to the set. There are three of them so gotta get a win involved. We are bantering back and forth things are going well. Ninja and I move them to the bar inside.

This continues through out the night where we bounce girls around are having a good night. I see the girl I was dancing with at the beginning of the night in the middle of the dance floor. Most people say dance floor is a trap. I am learning to love it actually… Even though I can’t dance.

I dance up to her and she smiles. She slides in and starts grinding on me as I am saying I knew you would smile when you see me again. She turns around smiles even more as we are dancing and I start doing a push pull on her while we dance. The hardest part is closing the gap between our lips. I move in and get in close to her lips. she puts her hand in mine and i put it around my neck. Instantly she pulls me in for a make out. We keep going back and forth for a long time. She has to take care of her friend and get her home since she has been drinking.  All in all a great night that. I will see her again. Happy that things are falling into place again. It is only a matter of time tel logistics are right.