Nice Guys Finish Last
February 20, 2012
Speer’s Article on Approach Anxiety
February 22, 2012

Telling the bouncer about every single guy that is trying to take your girl is
not what we do. Don’t get me wrong, if there is an idiot that is drunk and it
looks like he might start a fight, then yes, it is best to prevent it…

An AMOG, to those who do not know what it is, is the Alpha Male Of Group. If you are in set, and a guy (AMOG) comes in and tries to talk to your girl, you have to introduce yourself if she doesnt do so. You ask her, who is your friend? and then ask her How long have you guys know each other? (Not HOW do you know each other, but FOR HOW LONG have u known each other) If he is a friend, then befriend the friend. As soon as she stops paying attention to him, you stop paying attention to him as well. Now, if he is a AMOG that is just trying to steal your set, you simply blow him off. Say stuff like,
Cool man
Thanks for noticing
Glad you like it
Glad you are jealous
So that’s why you like me so much
If you say so…

Give him your back. Let him speak over your shoulder. Do not react to him. Don’t get upset. Dont accept his frame. Dont jump through his hoops

You reply to anything he says with these remarks.
AMOG: “You are fucking gay man”
PUA: Cool man 🙂 (Back turn)
AMOG: “Your shit looks retarded”
PUA: Thanks man (With back turn)

You can always tell him, Give me a second. Take the girls hand and just relocate her. Or, use Maven’s, “Dude, you are so awesome, I am going to buy you a drink, what do you want? Wait here ok.” Then take the girl and dont come back lol

If you are a caveman, and this is advanced, you can throw her over your
shoulder, and take her!!!!!!!!