The Law Of Attraction: The Secret
March 1, 2012
Reasons Why I Go to the Gym Every Day!
March 8, 2012

The rules are simple. Here are the 10 most crucial.

1. Approach immediately
2. Sit asap. (You always want to be more comfortable than them)
3. Pay attention to what they are talking about.
4. Rift off their threads
(Remember the rules of thread cutting: Acknowledge-Relate-Thread cut)
5. Have a deeper meaning to your stories.
(Men talk about boring facts. Women talk about emotions they felt)
6. Be a touchy feely guy (Kino)
7. Don’t become the questionnaire (Use Storytelling)
8. Calibrate IOI for IOI’s. IOD for IOD’s
9. Always get their contact info
10. Kiss hello and goodbye!