Vocabulary When Speaking to People
February 10, 2012
Limiting Belief: I’m Too Old
February 15, 2012

Craziest Night Yet

I had a day 3 last night. Depending on how I felt her, I was going to deside if I was going to work at the club or if she was DTF, I was going to call off. She had a nice suite at the Embassy Inn; she was in town for business. As I got to the suite, she was beat! Definitely not down to f*ck! We just had diner and I showed non-neediness and willingness to walk away by going to work.

So I worked at Belasco last night and I pulled some cute Mexican chick with green eyes. I clocked out earlier that usual, gave her friend a ride home and asked “Green eyes” if she wanted to have the best milkshake of her life. She agreed so I headed straight to the mansion. By this time, we had been making out like crazy at the club and in the car. She knew whats up as we were walking down hill. She kept telling me, “We should do it on Sunday better.” I asked her what was she talking about. She stood quiet for a moment, smiled and repeated herself. I told her, “I just have to pee real quick, what were you thinking about?! Besides, it is only going to take one minute and thirty seven seconds” lol As we walked in to the infamous Project Hollywood Mansion, Maven was playing pool with some girl he pulled from another club but I can sense “Green eyes” was a little uncomfortable. Ace had the pull room (smooch room) with some other girl, so the only option I had was my car…

I remembered I have a hot asian hottie waiting for me. I dropped off “Green eyes” and went to “china town”. I smelled like girls perfume and pussy. I got to the hotels parking lot and looked in my trunk for any sort of cologne but didnt have any. The only thing I found was Jack Daniels and Jack Daniels honey. Honey it was. I drank some and actually put some on my shirt lol.
As I got there, she was still knocked out. I walked in the room and it was hot as hell. She initially invited me to “cuddle.” I was laying in bed with her and took off my shirt. As I was doing so, I told her, dont get any ideas, we cant have sex yet. She giggled and laid in bed for a couple of seconds and she said, “It is hot, dont get any ideas” haha. I said, it’s alright, you are wearing a bra. I knew she wasnt from when we were spooning. I did Speers kissing of the back and blowing hot air. She was like, “Are you trying to seduce me?” I said, “Me?, never” I turned her around, I ate her out, and fucked her.

Life at Project Hollywood,