End Game (Post 10)
April 7, 2012
Meeting Mystery and Lovedrop — End Game (Post 11)
April 9, 2012

Compliance Tests

Many have been asking me what are Compliance tests. After pumping buying
temperature, you ask for compliance:

Compliance test: A verbal or non-verbal method that builds her attraction
towards you. Encouraging and qualifying the right choice through a
reward/punishment stratagem given to her to either pass or fail. It is to
establish and maintaining the leader/masculine/dominance versus the
follower/feminine/submissive frame. You tease by using “Cat String theory”.
The more you sexually CT her, the more comfortable you become being,
encouraging, and expecting sensuality from both you and her.

asking her to see her hand for palm reading
asking her to hold something for you such as your drink
putting her arm around you
handing her money and having her buy you a drink while you go to
the bathroom…oh whatever she wants, too Smile
asking her screening questions
most forms of kino
tickling, caressing
moving her around the venue
Bouncing her/extracting her
take her hand, and put it on your arm / leg / whatever, and see
if she leaves it there…
Asking her to do anything for you such as a back rub
More advanced:
kissing her (does she kiss you back?) or point to cheek/lips for
her to kiss
asking her to take off her pants…

Does she comply? Reward and Escalate

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