Pinky’s Selfish Trip to S.F. continued… (Post 2 of 100+)
October 2, 2012
What a differance a day makes.
October 8, 2012

I spent the entire year of 2010 in Afghanistan as a machine gunner yet once again. My first deployment in the Army was all of 2006 and half of 2007. I’ve spent two years of my life in Afghanistan fighting for our country on the front lines since I’m an Infantryman. For most of my life I always wanted to leave Connecticut and live in South Florida but nobody thought I would actually do it. I thought daily about how I couldn’t wait to leave Afghanistan with the tons of money I made and start a new life down in South Florida. I really was excited about it and thought I can finally get my own house down there and just pull tons of different women since I was reading a lot of seduction books out there. I would talk about it with my boys all the time. After surviving a year of getting blown up and shot at I finally got back to my family in Connecticut in November 2010.

I ran the Connecticut lair for about a couple of years since I’ve been in the community for a long time but when I was in Afghanistan I passed it onto Mayhem since he was the only one stepping up. I was involved with a woman right off the bat once I got home which is something I did as well after my previous deployment. With that relationship ending it plunged me really deep into the pickup community. It’s funny but everyone has those one or two women that they get burned by and that’s what brings all of us into this. Everyone has their sob stories but I’m not going to get too much into mine. This is what led up to me meeting Pinky and reconnecting with Speer even though I had taken a break from the pickup stuff.

When I got back in November I quit smoking cigarettes and dip shortly after on Christmas Eve since I had just gotten braces put on my teeth. A perfect smile can help with your game and everything including the way people respond to you. There’s always room for self improvement and I constantly strive for it. I’ve always improved what I can with myself every day which I believe is something everyone should do. The Winter was long and the worst we ever had in Connecticut. I couldn’t wait to get out of there and get to Florida. I got seasonal depression there every year in Winter and coming back from war also made it worse. My girl at the time broke up with me right on Valentine’s Day of all days which didn’t help. I sunk into a really bad depression to the point where I stopped going out completely and just couldn’t seem to get out of it.

I had a meetup group that one of my wings and I started back in March 2008 called the Connecticut Wingmen and Wingwomen. I let Mayhem and a girl run it for me while I was away but they were still running it for me. I snapped out of it one night and just went out for the night to meet up with the girls to dance. I just went to get out of the house and out of my depression. I didn’t drink the whole night and did really well because I had fun with no expectation of any outcome. One woman in particular was clearly into me and a week later we started dating. I was out of the pickup scene for a bit but heard that Pinky was coming to do a lair talk. I always heard about this character and figured I’d go with my boy Dulce to meet him.

We arrived at the location and for the first time I met Pinky along with his female assistant. We listened to the lair talk and I was telling him how Speer was a friend of mine. What’s crazy is little did I know we’d all end up living in Project Hollywood six months later. At the end of Pinky’s talk we all knew he was running NLP on us in order to sell us products and a bootcamp seat. He asked all of us in the room who liked to travel and I raised my hand immediately without even thinking about it. Pinky gave me a free ticket to the 2011 PUA World Summit and I was stoked! I had never been to California and really wanted to check it out. I was pretty much out of the scene at that point but even if it was just to go to California with Mayhem I was down to hang on to it at least for that.