I got in the “Game” soon after watching a couple of episodes of VH1 The Pick Up Artist. In disbelief, I downloaded both seasons and watched them at work. I did research on the subject. In the first two weeks, I had over 100 pages of PUA notes. Now it was time to put in to the test. This must have been around 2007. My first “Line” was, “You are very little, but you are kinda cute.” I am never going to forget this. I gave her a small hug, she looked at me, she smiled, and then she said, “I know right!” I slightly pushed her off me and said, “Alright get off me now.” She immediately laughed and said, “No no I’m just kidding,” and jumped on me again. I couldn’t believe this text book stuff worked to the T.  The following week, I had an interaction with a perfect 9. All was going well until I over negged and got called an asshole. The good old days.

One of the Gurus I followed on YouTube was Speer. I remember watching him and thinking to myself, this guy is as smooth as a hot knife through butter. After breaking up with my ex in 2011, I knew where to turn. I had an incredible wing and I asked him if he wanted to go a local Lair (Free meet-ups for PUAs). We sarged and kicked ass. We were then invited to the Project Hollywood Mansion as best described in Neil Strauss “The Game.” There, I met the man that I used to watch him live infield on YouTube, Speer. Little did I know that I was going to work besides him in the months to come.  In November 2011, Speer asked me if I wanted to join the largest pickup company in the U.S., Kings of Pickup, and live where all the greats started, Project Hollywood. It was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Living at Project Hollywood was more than a privilege. Working with a great solid team, life couldn’t get better. The night I F-closed a girl in Neil Strauss’s room and then showed her the actual book The Game was hilariously out of this world to me. Just think about it, “Style” wrote this book in this room. As the company got bigger and after all the satisfied customers I saw come and go there was a need for an expansion. Now, I am a trainer in training looking back at my AFC days. It was tough trust me and I’ve been there. I’ve been in and out of the Game for 5 years. Going out 7 days a week paid off!

From Project Hollywood to Project Miami, this is only the beginning of a new chapter in my life…