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June 18, 2012
FR: Girl Comes Out For a Day 2 It’s Game on……6/19/12
June 20, 2012
It is a good idea to go out with wings that will help you on your path in becoming a pickup artist. You want to find somebody who is in the community that is around the same level as you, or better, and will push you to improve. Another option is to find somebody who is a natural that you can learn from as well. What you want to avoid is bringing somebody who will be an obstacle for you in the club. For example, you do not want to bring somebody who will take your targets or constantly feed you negative thoughts and hold you back. Many of the friends you have now will not be open to the community and will not be supportive on your journey to becoming a pickup artist. If this is the case, a good place to find a wing in the community is at your local lair.

If you are going to be at the venue alone, you can recruit a temporary wing for the night. You can also recruit a temporary pivot. This can be done by making small talk with any of the guys that are there or talking to sets of two or more girls and then bringing guys into the set. You can befriend any number of the average, frustrated guys and/or girls that are in the venue and have them help you approach and open different sets. Its actually a lot simpler than you imagine. You can simply go up to a girl, befriend her and tell her that tonight she is going to help you meet people.

If your wing/pivot is able to hold their ground in the venue, you can have them wing for you again in the future. You should not be afraid to go out alone and sarge. It is simple to make friends once you have some social prowess. If you are going out at least four nights a week, then this will inevitably happen if you don’t find a wing that is in the community as well. Most people don’t go out five or six nights a week for six months straight.

If you are absolutely alone and are unable to recruit a wing for the night or hook a set, one option is to stand by the bar and talk to every set that stands next to you on either side. If you were at the bar, you do not necessarily have to order a drink. If you wish to order a drink and you can not drink alcohol, simply order something non-alcoholic, like an energy drink or tonic water. Regardless, it is important that you look as comfortable as possible with your body language, smile and eyes. Lean back on the bar and look relaxed. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable you appear. By being more comfortable then your target you assume the role of a higher status male.


One night I was at Shore Club with Asian Playboy, Johnny Wolf and a few others. While they were all inside the Red Room, which is a club in Shore Club Hotel, I decided to go out and sit by myself on the couch so I could smoke a cigarette. I relaxed and kicked up my feet on the table, leaned back on the couch and lit my cigarette. After a few moments of comfortable non-needy behavior a pair of eights sat down on the couch with me. It was an extreme case of proximity, along with an approach invitation smile. I smiled and immediately opened. The set hooked easily and the rest of the night went smoothly.

Whenever you are leaning against the bar or sitting against the wall, it is a rule that you must open every set that stands on the left or right of you. This is a completely natural way to open and are some of the best sets of the night. Oftentimes, it is also an approach invitation when a girl is standing next to you.

Approach Invitation:

An approach invitation is when a girl, either consciously or subconsciously, signals to you that she has some attraction to you and wants you to open her.

Approach invitations types: (P.E.S.T.)
1. Proximity – This is where a girl consciously or subconsciously stands in your immediate area. Sets will do that if they feel comfortable in the location they are at. Otherwise they would stop anywhere to talk.
2. Eye Contact – If target locks eyes with you and looks away.
3. Smile – Most human beings smile only when they are happy (a good state to open a set), when someone smiles at them (state is transferable), when they like something, or when they are comfortable enough with what’s going on in the moment.
4. Touch – If a target bumps into you. Regardless whether she meant to or she is just clumsy. The fact is she will be in a compassionate state (a good state to open a set).