Don’t let people get the better of you. It is your mental state that decides your state and not other peoples.
June 11, 2013
Balance between enjoying your life and trying to consistently achieve things is a must.
June 14, 2013

Being socially savvy is not just about being a good conversationalist or knowing when to escalate. It is about self and external awareness. Try being quite and listening to others using open ended questions.

Internal awareness is knowing your body and how to control how it feels. This is often called inner game confidence, ect.  The easiest way to explain this is how you feel. If you’re happy which most people want to be when they socialize you just need to put that into a group and add value to that group. Like they guy you can’t help but smile when hes’s around. The opposite can be used too. People are bored and seem like they don’t want to talk to them. With those people you have to come in at the same level and relate to them. Remember misery loves company. This is External Awareness.

External awareness is the ability to pay attention to what is happing around you; that is outside of your body.

For example: Walking up to a someone to talk to them, you notice the size of the group, what they are wearing, the look on her face. All this in addition to the environment, the temp, where other people are in relation to them as a group (in the vip) just to name a few.

In short it is knowing what is going on in your immediate environment compared to what is happening in your body and mind and how to use both to your advantage is the key.