Being socially savvy is not just about being a good conversationalist or knowing when to escalate. It is about self and external awareness. Try being quite and listening to others using open ended questions.
June 13, 2013

Balance between enjoying your life and trying to consistently achieve things is a must.

Often people go one way or the other to the extreme. You see this with what has been dubbed the corporate psychopaths. These people are the ones that are always going for their goals looking to climb to the next ring on the latter. They are emotionless never seem to have fun. Think of your grumpy boss at work. On the other hand you have people that will only live for the moment and not plan for the future. This is like the hippies form the 70’s they just partied and had fun, and never thought about a goal other than the next couple of minutes. In all reality you should be a mix of both. In the moment yet moving toward your goals you have set for yourself. This balance is what makes some one human and allows you to be happy throughout your life. This is what true happiness is; the knowing that you are happy with your past, present, and future. The point I am getting at here is; that you only have a certain amount of time on this earth. You can be bogged down with the future events very easily, or you can live moment to moment with a foresight of the future. You must create a separation. Athletes call this being in the zone, or finding your zen moments. These are the moments we work for. These are the moments we strive to have by putting in work, more specifically moments where we just have fun and don’t think about anything else. Everything seems to come naturally. It doesn’t matter if you’re with a person you love, bought new cloths, or at a nice dinner that you know is bad for you. You disconnect from everything else and just enjoy. This is like have a great relationship that just clicks, or that moment you put on a new outfit, even that first bit of a meal after dieting to getting in shape. Instead of always working for that moment separate it, and indulge in it. Focus on that specific time and clear your mind from anything else. Do not allow your mind to wonder all over the place. There is a time an place for that. Another aspect to consider is that there are good and bad moments throughout your life. You will have rejections and heart breaks; you will have triumph and failures. It is all part of the process if you are going to achieve any goal or skill set. No one starts off winning. It is a process of failure, learning and coaching. Knowing and accepting the fact- that there will be ups and downs should give you a calming and peaceful feeling. That zen you want. This way you can breeze over the bad moments. You will know that they will pass. You will also give yourself the ability to actually enjoy the good you have been working so hard to get. This will help release your thoughts about all the other things you might have to do. When implemented correctly you should enjoy the process of reaching your goal by ways of enjoying the process. Which will lead to an overall healthier and happier lifestyle. After all, we are all just trying to be happy and contempt.