Red Man started his journey in the community way back at the end of 2004. After being in a serious relationship for three years he was cheated on and completely screwed over. He spent a good six months to a year being severely depressed because of this. One night at work Red Man googled how to seduce women which brought him into the community. He started getting good results and ultimately found out there was a huge secret society of pickup artists which led him to find out about the book The Game.

After reading The Game he also found the Pickup Artist tv show and it had him hooked. Red Man had a lot of approach anxiety even though he never had a problem getting girls through his social circle. Cold approaching was another story because the girls he met were always through friends or work. A two time combat veteran on the front lines of Afghanistan, Red Man developed solid leadership skills from the Army that have made him a solid mentor for his students. Being a solid alpha male, Red Man specializes in social circle game, online game, and cave manning.

With a burning desire and obsession to master social dynamics, he was¬†trained by both Mystery and Speer. He attended the 2011 PUA World Summit and got invited by Speer to live in Project Hollywood as his body guard. After living in Project Hollywood, Red Man is currently living with Speer in Project Miami as one of the Kings of Pickup. From summer 2011 to now Red Man has given this his blood, sweat, and tears. He’s done whatever it takes and has gotten insanely good at this. Red Man has a true passion for getting good results with women not only for himself but also for his students.