From Zero to Hero. Maven has become the Master of the Approach.
The world’s best New PUA Blood.

After rocking out his education from the best PUA in the world; Speer. This master of the game went from crying in a club to taking a girl home for the night. It goes to show that nothing is impossible with the right training. With his new found success and masterful knowledge of the game he has gone on to receive the best new PUA award at the Global Pickup Conference.

This was his first step as he reached the ranks of pickup instructor. He has now reached the main stage at both the PUA Summit and the Global Pick up conference. Because of his extreme dedication to the study of social dynamics he was invited by Speer to join him at the legendary Project Hollywood mansion from the bestselling book The Game. Now currently resides with Speer in Project Miami as one of the Kings of Pickup.

This expert at comfort makes anyone who talks to him at ease instantly. He has gone around the world training with Speer helping those in need. This master of the connection makes the people love him where ever he goes.

With learning the best system in the world ingrained in mind. There is only one phrase that can run through his minds at all times. “Wait till they get a hold of me”.