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June 21, 2012
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June 24, 2012
One way is to render the word “boyfriend” useless … you can do this by inviting the girl into your life and ask her to bring her boyfriend. You want to mention her boyfriend between 7 to 14 times during the sarge to take away his significance in the interaction. Make sure you show her that her boyfriend is not a threat and you would love to get to know the both of them.

Another way is to completely ignore that she said it and continue to build value.

Another way is to do a comparison test … here is the one I developed. It’s called:


Speer: You have a boyfriend thats cool… let me ask you something … what type of car do you drive?
Target: Honda Accord.
Speer: If I told you that if you give me your Accord and I would give you a brand new Ferrari would you do it?
Target: Yes.
Speer: Ok, do you live in an apartment or house?
Target: I live in an apartment.
Speer: Cool, renting or own?
Target: Renting.
Speer: If I told you I would give a brand new mansion fully furnished around the same area but you would have to leave the place you’re renting, would you do it?
Target: Yes, of course.
Speer: Awesome, one more question … what do you do for work?
Target: I am a secretary.
Speer: Oh that’s pretty cool … what if I gave you $10 million, but I told you that you could never work as a secretary again … would you take my offer?
Target: Yes, in a heartbeat.
Speer: Here (hand her the phone), put in your number. You seem like an intelligent girl. I’d love to continue talking to you.

Here is what this routine does — it compares high-status to low-status in secession. It also gets the target in a “yes” mindframe. And, last of all, you pin her with ‘you’re a smart girl,’ meaning if she does not give you her number that would be dumb.

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