Whatever It Takes….7/26/12
July 26, 2012
How To Keep Her: Beyond Pickup Lines and Routines
September 16, 2012
I began anticipating the fallout that was about to take place. I heard a lot of stories, so I wasn’t too surprised at what was happening. Business is a lot like chess, you need to anticipate the steps others will take. Sometimes people will surprise you, some will fall into doing the same old shit. At the end of the day, most people are greedy and that’s what drives what they’ll do. Everybody is greedy to a certain point, some more than others. Some people are willing to hurt others just to get ahead.I thought about every move they could make and started prepping, just in case things really were about to head downhill between me and VA. And by VA I’m referring to Matador and Lovedrop. Mystery couldn’t care less what was happening business-wise. If they just presented me with a fair contract, I would still be with them today. But Mystery empowered those two idiots and instead, after a few days Lovedrop called me and gave me an ultimatum. He started off telling me how great I was, and how I’m going to start making $10,000 a weekend, and how the show will create entourage game for us, and blah blah blah. They couldn’t pay me what they owed me and he’s making more promises, bigger promises.

Then he told me I had to sign the contract or I can’t work with VA any longer.

If I’m ever backed into a corner I usually go full force forward and rip through anyone who stands in my way. I told Lovedrop I would need a little time to think about it, but he told me I needed to make a decision today.

After that I went online and started a forum called Phaseshift Lounge. I got the name from The Game, where Neil Strauss mentions a concept called phase-shifting. I thought it was fitting, given what I had to do.

It was frustrating, all the smoke shoved up my ass in hopes I would buy it. All the promises, they were all fake. And now they were kicking me out unless I signed my life over to them. I still have the contract they gave me and I’ll be glad to post it in the near future. I’d love to hear how many of you would sign this thing.

That same day I got a U-Haul, packed my room up, put it in storage, and there I was, back in my mom’s house. I didn’t want to stick around Project Miami any longer after I decided against signing the contract. I didn’t want to give them a chance to change my mind. The guys arrived back at the house from a bootcamp to find my empty room.

Mystery called me. We talked for about four hours. He tried to convince me to stay, told me the contract would be changed, talked about all these great things we could do and how great the future would be. We were going to make videos together on a new VA Youtube channel. But I already starting plugging my way in field. And he saw that. My videos were nicely edited and showed quality of footage of me infield, where I was a monster.

I knew unless I wanted to end up like Mystery, who lives an empty lifestyle, I needed to break away. I wanted actual relationships and a lasting lifestyle. A lot of his promises I knew wouldn’t come to fruition anyway.

So I had already made up my mind. I had already talked to my mom about the situation and she thought it would have been stupid for me to sign that contract. She said I should just go back to focusing on my computer stores.

A little later, I found out that Matador called Dream, the organizer of the Under 21 Convention, where I was scheduled to speak. Matador threatened to sue if he let me speak. I’ve never been afraid of a lawsuit though. I’ve been in enough of them and one them all.

I spoke at the conference despite all the threats Dream received. Matador and Lovedrop also called everyone I could possibly touch base with in the community to try to black me out completely. Everyone, that is, except Savoy. An enemy of my enemy is a friend.

But the first call I made was to RSD. I forgot who I talked to, but I tried to get through to Tyler. Tyler ended up talking to Lovedrop, telling him that I was trying to get a job with RSD, but that wasn’t true. I only reached out to Tyler because I figured he had been in a similar situation with these guys that I was in, and could give me some advice.

Now I was really seeing that there are a lot of politics involved in this business, which is unfortunate, because it sometimes cancels out the good that people can get out of it.

I set up a bootcamp for myself in L.A. One of the students I taught in Vegas, Allan, lived there and he felt like he owed me after everything I taught him during that bootcamp with VA. I stayed at his place when I got there. I also set up a meeting with Savoy. I figured maybe I could get a job with them, especially since Moxie had given me a reference. He was the one who, almost two years ago, told me not to get sucked up in Mystery’s world, that there was more to life than pickup. Now I fully understood what he meant.